Russian warship is on fire near Zmiїnyi (Snake) Island


The russian frigate of Project 11356P “Burevestnik” type caught fire after the explosion near Zmiinyi Island in the Black Sea.

According to open sources, three ships of the project “Burevestnik” are currently operating in the Russian Navy: “Admiral Grigorovich”, “Admiral Essen”, and “Admiral Makarov”.

Russian warship
The russian frigate

As it became known to, enemy aircraft are now circling over this area of the Black Sea; rescue vessels have come out to assist from the temporarily occupied Crimea.


The reports about the explosion on the Russian ship also appeared on social networks on the evening of May 5.

According to preliminary information, the ship was hit by the Ukrainian anti-ship missile «Neptune».

Also, in today’s summary of the General Staff of Ukraine, it was reported that the Russian fleet lost another boat or ship.

The circumstances of another failure of the Russian fleet are being investigated.

Sentinel satellite
Sentinel satellite recorded fire on a ship near Zmiinyi (Snake) Island

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