The russians dropped air multi-ton bombs on a military field hospital in Mariupol all night long


On the night of April 29, the russians were dropping many multi-ton bombs on a military field hospital located on the territory of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, where wounded defenders were staying. These air bombs are capable of breaking through any concrete defensive stores. Then, having already caused destruction, the occupiers continued to ruthlessly shell the ruins with naval artillery.

The Russians Dropped Air Multi Ton Bombs On A Military Field Hospital In Mariupol All Night Long
Occupants threw bombs at the military field hospital in Mariupol

Among the already wounded service members, there are dead, those who were injured again, and shell-shocked ones.

Due to the enemy attack, part of the room collapsed, particularly the operating room, making it impossible to help the soldiers now, even with the same conditions as before.

We emphasize! The Geneva Convention guarantees the protection of stationary and mobile medical institutions; they must not be attacked! The wounded and sick must be protected, regardless of whether they are civilians or military personnel (combatants).

The wounded must be provided with the necessary assistance without any discrimination.

We call on international human rights organizations to respond that Russia continues to try to destroy even those defenders of Mariupol who can no longer hold weapons!

The video was shot immediately after the shelling. The footage shows the dead soldiers pulling from the rubbles who were in the hospital with severe injuries and providing first aid to the victims.

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