Russia again shot Lviv with rockets


18.04 around 8:30 Russia hit the rockets on Lviv. These were the cruise missiles. According to preliminary information, they were fired from the Caspian region.

Three rockets hit the object of military infrastructure. One hit a car service.

Russia Again Shot Lviv With Rockets

The first object is a storage that is not used.

As a result of the hitting, there was a fire. It has already been completely extinguished on both objects. The subdivisions of the Emergency Service work on clearing the rubbles.

Both objects are completely destroyed.

Unfortunately, there are dead people. As of this hour, we know about 7 dead people. These are the first dead ones as a result of the shooting in Lviv.

Also, there are 11 victims. Among them, one is a child.

Three victims are in a serious health condition. The child has minor injuries.

The information about victims and survivors may still change.

There are lots of shattered windows in houses and vehicles in the area nearby.

Russia Again Shot Lviv With Rockets
Missiles hit the railway objects in Lviv


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