The Russian Federation army shot the building marked with a red cross by artillery


In Mariupol, Russian occupants are purposely destroying the building marked with a red cross on a white background that shows places where wounded, civilian or humanitarian cargo can be located. Russians committed a military crime against the International Committee of the Red Cross. It is reported by a special squad «Azov».

The Russian Federation Army Shot The Building Marked With A Red Cross By Artillery

«This is one of the most notorious war crimes. The only ones who violated the rules of war were the troops of Hitler’s Germany, which also shot buildings and transport marked with red crosses. Recently, the ICRC has been working closely with the Russians. In particular, they promote the forced deportation of Ukrainians to the aggressor country and plan to open a center for the reception of Ukrainians in Russian Rostov. But cooperation with “orcs” historically has one outcome — Russian bombs on your roof,» wrote the fighters of “Azov”.

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