The Russian Federation and Halyna Danylchenko had not allowed humanitarian aid into Melitopol – the Mayor Ivan Fedorov


14 tons of food, medicines and other essential goods that left Zaporizhzhia for Melitopol on March 29 in the morning had never reached the destination point.

The Russian Federation And Halyna Danylchenko Had Not Allowed Humanitarian Aid Into Melitopol – The Mayor Ivan Fedorov
Halyna Danylchenko

All day long the trucks have been standing at the Russian checkpoint near Vasylivka and were not allowed to pass through it.

“This humanitarian convoy was vital for the delivery of food and medicine, and also for the evacuation of those people who wanted to leave the temporarily occupied Melitopol territory. These people could not leave due to the collaborative actions of the Russian Federation and Halyna Danylchenko. “They blocked the civilians and kept them as the hostages of the situation,” said the legally elected Mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov.

It’s been four days since the mobile and Internet connections are not working in Melitopol.

Ivan Fedorov assumes that the occupiers made a blockade so that the residents could not receive information about the current situation in the city.

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