In Kherson, local residents continue to resist the occupation


The invaders still expect to occupy the Kherson oblast, however, locals continue to resist not wanting to be subjects to the enemy. This was stated in the summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on March 27.

In Kherson, Local Residents Continue To Resist The Occupation
A rally in Kherson against the occupiers

In the city of Kherson, people went on a peaceful strike against the Russian occupation. They chanted “Kherson is Ukraine!”.

The occupiers dispersed the action and threw smoke bombs at its participants. One of them hit a woman in the leg, several more got stuck in the foam plastic insulation of the wall of the cinema “Ukraine”.

Kherson puts up heroic resistance. In particular, a huge blue and yellow flag was hung in the city. This angers the Russians, so they resort to terror.

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