Russia has fired over 500 missiles into Ukraine, 70 of them were from Belarus


This is stated in a video released by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Russia Has Fired Over 500 Missiles Into Ukraine, 70 Of Them Were From Belarus

According to the Ministry of Defense, also during this month, the Russian invaders fired 467 land- and sea-based operational-tactical missiles on Ukraine’s territory. In particular, it is said that about 175 of them are Iskander-type ballistic missiles, 183 are Kalibr cruise missiles, 86 are X-class cruise missiles and 23 are ballistic missiles fired from Tochka U tactical complexes.

More than 230 missiles were launched from mobile launchers that Russia delivered to Ukraine. More than 160 were launched from Russia, more than 70 — from Belarus. Another 10 are from the Black Sea.

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