A young Ukrainian gymnast died under the rubble in Mariupol


10-year-old Ukrainian gymnast Kateryna Dyachenko died under the rubble in Mariupol. The girl was in the house, which was hit by a shell of the Russian occupiers.

A Young Ukrainian Gymnast Died Under The Rubble In Mariupol
10-year-old Kateryna Dyachenko

As a result of the shelling, the building collapsed, and the gymnast was later found under the rubble. The news of the little sportsman’s death was announced by her coach Anastasiia Meshchanenkova on Instagram.

This tragic occasion was reacted by the coach’s acquaintances. They emphasized that the girl should have conquered the stage instead of giving her life in the war.

«A student of my classmate died in Mariupol. Can this be justified? Look at this talented girl. She should have conquered the stage and given smiles to the world. What is children’s fault? I believe that everybody involved in these atrocities will find a place in hell as soon as possible,» wrote Meschanenkova’s acquaintance Alina Broshkova.

We will remind that Russian troops continue to wipe Mariupol off the map. Civilians cannot evacuate, and they are staying there terrified of explosions. Mariupol residents, who managed to escape from the city of horror, say that there is a «real hell».

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