Russia prepares to use chemical fighting poisonous substances against Ukraine


Over the past 3 days, from our HUMINT sources, the volunteers of the international intelligence community InformNapalm have received data, which may indicate the intention of the Russian Federation to use chemical fighting poisonous substances against Ukrainian military or civilians. It is likely that Russia is planning to use sarin to achieve its goals in critical areas for breaking the Ukrainian defense. Mariupol, Kyiv, or other cities of Ukraine, where Russian troops failed to break through the defenses of Ukrainian defenders, may become a field for such an experiment.

Russia Prepares To Use Chemical Fighting Poisonous Substances Against Ukraine
Glass tubes to control the contamination of the chemical poison sarin

Our conclusions may be premature or too apocalyptic, but after the missile strikes and bombing of peaceful cities of Ukraine, which the Russian army resorted to, we believe that it is necessary to announce these data and try to prevent the Russian Federation’s intentions.

Here are all three facts obtained by InformNapalm from unrelated and independent sources:

March 17, 2022. The source «A» said that the medical staff of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is carrying out the antidote to employees of special units taking part in the war in Ukraine. Officers receive injections of the quality drug Pralidoxime (2-PAM CL).

March 20th, 2022. The source «B» said that the command staff of the Russian Armed Forces, which takes part in combat operations in Ukraine, give ampoules with atropine. (Atropine is known to be an effective antidote for chemical poisoning).

March 23, 2022. The source «B» said that a truck of the Russian occupiers moved in the Kherson region supposedly in the direction of the city Mykolaiv, which, judging by the packaging, carried caustic soda (used to neutralize toxic substances).

It is also known from other sources that on March 20  the Russian recruiters communicated with the former serviceman of the Russian RHCS, who lives in the territory of the Volgograd region, Russian Federation, and for a reward of about 200 thousand rubles were offered to take part in combat operations against Ukraine, where «the knowledge and skills of the RHCS troops will be demanded».

There have also been some outbreaks of information in open sources. So on March 17, 2022, a number of Russian propaganda resources with reference to the statements made by the Russian Chief of Troops RHBZ,  Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, reported that there might be «leakage of pathogens from the bio-laboratory, which worked on American orders» in Kherson.

Fake about the «American bio-laboratories on the territory of Ukraine» Russian military command has been promoting for a long time, even before the invasion of Ukraine, but in recent days more active and aggressive statements of high-ranking officials of the Russian military leadership suggest that Russia is preparing information ground for the use of chemical fighting poisonous substances. And the results of the action of chemical fighting poisonous substances  (for example, sarin) Russians plan to present as «leakage of pathogens from bio-laboratories».

We would like to be wrong in our assumptions about the imminent chemical attack, but to be silent about the totality of such data would be criminal. If there is any chance to disrupt the implementation of unprecedented Russian war crimes by the forces of the international community, this chance should be taken.  


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