In Chernihiv warned about possible leakage of ammonia


Russian invaders shelled the area of one of the city’s food enterprises.

In Chernihiv Warned About Possible Leakage Of Ammonia

On March 23 at 18.50, the main ammonia conductor and one of the containers were damaged as a result of shelling the machine room. As of 20:10, the State Emergency Service monitored capacities and checked valves, reported the Telegram channel of Chernihiv Regional State Administration.

The concentration of ammonia emissions is within the permissible norm.

There are no victims (preliminary).

The fire continues in the warehouse of finished products and containers. The rescuers are still working there.

The shooting of the city continues. Further damage to the enterprise may potentially lead to the ammonia leak.

We remind you! Ammonia is a colorless gas with a sharp odor, similar to the smell of ammonia spirit. Inhalation of ammonia in high concentrations can cause the stop of breathing.

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