March 16, Russia-Ukraine war: what happened during the night in the regions

March 16, Russia Ukraine War: What Happened During The Night In The Regions
March 16, Russia-Ukraine war

March 16, Russia-Ukraine war

Kyiv region

Air raid alerts go off in the whole region. There were periodic fighting and shooting in Buchansky district — Irpen, Makariv, Borodianka. The situation isn’t calm in Brovarsky district, especially in some settlements of Baryshivsk, Kalytian, Velykodymerivsk and Kalynivsk territorial communities.

There was air strike in the village Marhalivka, Fastivsky district. There is destruction of residential buildings. According to preliminary data, there are dead people.

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Russian troops shelled the Okhtyrka and Sumy region. Information about deaths is still clarifying.


Aviation strike against Berdichev, Russians destroyed several buildings. Information about deaths is still clarifying.

Kirovohrad region

In general, the situation in the region was calm, but there were several air raid alerts.


Night rocket attacks which hit the fuel storage near Nikopol. There are no victims. Now it is calm.

Kharkiv region

Kharkiv: The occupants shelled almost all the districts during the day. The Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed the enemy’s efforts to go to the city, and the Ukrainian army forced the Russians to go back to their previous positions.

Fighting continues in the whole region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine prevented the attack in Ruski Tishky. Yesterday, 320 people from Oskilsky boarding school were evacuated. We expect a «green corridor» from Izyum.

Zaporizhya region

On March 16, at 6 a.m. there was a powerful explosion at the station Zaporizhya-2. Circumstances of the incident are being investigated. In general, the situation in the region is without significant changes. The local population of Zaporizhya and the region continues to prepare for a meeting with the enemy, they make barricades, arrange platforms for fighting equipment.

Rivne region

In the Rivne region, there were air raid alerts the whole night.


The night passed calmly.


Vinnytsia – two explosions at night.


The night passed calmly.

Khmelnytskyi region

The night was calm, there were air raid alerts.


There were air raid alerts, but now it is calm.


There were air raid alerts, but generally the situation is calm.

Lviv region

The night was calm.


There were air raid alerts at night.


The night was calm.


Air raid alerts went off at night but, in general, it was calm.


On March 15, our military conducted a successful operation, stopped the attack on Severodonetsk and made the invaders leave the city, but the enemy is trying to come from Rubizhne. As a result, Rubizhne was the hottest point. A lot of burned houses. 7 wounded, including 1 child, 1 person is dead.


Russian aviation was in Tretsk, there was no loss among civilians. The occupants shelled Avdiyevka and Maryinka. Currently, the shooting continues.

Russian artillery and aviation continues destroying Mariupol. Yesterday, people started to leave the city by their own transport. According to our calculations there were about 4000 cars.

Mykolaiv region

Air raid alerts went off at night. Fighting continues in the region. We are preparing to evacuate people and take humanitarian aid to villages that were released yesterday. In Snigurivtsi is still air raid alert. In general, the situation is controlled.


There were strong explosions during the day. The fighting was near the airport. The consequences of the destruction of the nearest settlements are still clarifying.

Kherson region on the edge of humanitarian catastrophe!

In the settlements, especially small one, the situation is catastrophic. People critically lack medicines, and sometimes food. There is also a problem with electricity, gas and water supply. We urgently need a «green corridor».


Two air raid alerts at night. Preparations for possible landing of Russian troops on the coast of Odessa region are ongoing. The ships of the Russians are still heading on the Black Sea, there is a high probability of missile strikes.

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