Rescuers are dismantling the rubble of a five-storey building destroyed by enemy shelling in Kharkiv


Recently, Russian troops shelled five-storey building in Kharkiv. 25 rescuers are dismantling the rubble of a destroyed building.

Rescuers Are Dismantling The Rubble Of A Five Storey Building Destroyed By Enemy Shelling In Kharkiv

«Today, March 12, rescue operations are underway on Kholodnohirska street in Kharkiv, where an enemy missile recently hit a 5-storey residential building. 25 rescuers and 3 units of equipment, as well as municipal vehicles are working on the site,» the report says.

The blow destroyed the part of the house, walls, and roof. Also, the balconies of neighboring apartments are affected.

According to preliminary data, the body of the dead 73-year-old woman is under the rubble on the 4th floor.

Currently, Russian invaders killed at least 201 peaceful people, including 11 children in Kharkiv. Thousands of citizens in Kharkiv became refugees, they went to western regions of Ukraine or other European countries.

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