Chernihiv is without electricity, gas, water and heating

chernigiv ukraine gotel
Destroyed hotel “Ukraine”

232 towns and cities of Chernihiv region remain without electricity supply. Russian troops continue missile strikes on civilian infrastructure in Chernihiv, including aircraft use. In the morning, Chernihiv was without electricity, gas, water, or heating, but city services are working on repairing them. At night the temperature in Chernihiv region dropped to 10 degrees below zero.

«Peacefull people are dying, and a large number of them have been injured. The enemies strike places where there are no military objects now and never have been» stated the head of the regional administration of Chernihiv Viacheslav Chaus.

The Hotel “Ukraine”, in the centre of Chernihiv, was destroyed as a result of a night-time shelling. “Today the enemy shelled the hotel «Ukraine». The hotel no longer exists.» the head of the region said.

Video: Viacheslav Chaus showing Chernihiv after shelling

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