The Russian occupants confess to the war crimes


Russian pilots knew about participation in the fighting on the territory of Ukraine in January 2022. The Russian pilot, the deputy commander of the 47th aviation regiment of the invader’s Maxim Kryshtop told details during the conference.

Maxim Kryshtop
Maxim Kryshtop

«In January 2022, the regiment commander, colonel Loboda Alexei Gennadiovich, was informed about the future participation in the fighting on the territory of Ukraine,» Kryshtop said.

The investigation found that the pilot Maxim Kryshtop and the Oleg Norin from February 24 to March 6 bombed residential blocks of Kharkiv in order to kill city residents. They used half-ton free-fall bombs to attack them.

«Every aerial combat mission has specific combat charge, aircraft, type and quantity of ammunition have been determined for it. In so far, there have been commands and orders to fly only with free-fall bombs,» explained the captured Russian pilot Maxim Kryshtop.

Such bombs inflict more damage to civilian infrastructure. Their use results in a bigger number of civilian casualties.

Recently, Russian prisoners gave a press conference in Kyiv. They reported that they were one of the first who surrendered, in the morning on February 24.

They also appealed to other military and Russian citizens to throw weapons, to leave dislocations, because there is a peaceful population who does not want war. The rest of the prisoners were also asked for forgiveness before Ukrainians for having come to kill our people.

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